Male fertility is affected by low sperm count and if your sperm count is low you might find it difficult to make your woman pregnant.

Good is crucial for reproductive function and fertility.

Your semen is composed of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluids that your body produces form the prostate glands. If your diet is deficient in any or all of these nutrients, it is likely to affect your semen production and lead to fertility problems.

Here are the most effective 3 ways to improve your semen health naturally:

Food one. Green Barley. Green barley is the young shoot of the barley plant, not the barley grain, and a rich source of nutrients. Green barley is one of the most nutrient dense of plant foods.

Food two. A powerful juice combination to consume is 50 % carrot, 45 % celery and 5 % parsley. This juice provides the body with raw enzymes. Enzymes activate functions in the body. Semen is made up of many components and this super juice will provide many of the building blocks for semen formation.

Food three. Fish Omega 3 oils. Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids. That means the body cannot make them on its own but they have to be provided in the food you eat. If you do not eat fish you can still get your Omega 3 dose in oil form in a bottle form from a health shop.

Every man can have healthy semen. Sadly in this day and age this is not always the case. There are natural foods you can take to increase your semen health. These foods will get you started in the right direction.

Easier said than done, with our kind of dietary habits it is difficult for you to stick to above foods. In such a case, there are some herbal and natural supplements that can help you increase your semen production and ensure better and improved semen health and sperm count.

Such natural and herbal semen enhancers are getting more and more popular these days since they not just increase semen production and sperm count but also lead to rock hard erections and an improved sex drive.

Though there are many semen enhancers, the top brands include Semanax and Volume Pills.

Volume Pills are the most recommended semen enhancer and it is the only one that is clinically approved as well.

It is 100% natural and there are thousands of men who have been able to turn around their sex lives with this all natural formula that is packed with potent herbs and other nutrients like l-arginine and zinc that play a vital role in male sexual function

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Volume Pills do not have side effects and come with a complete money back guarantee for 180 days!

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