Sex is one of the most important aspects of our lives and unlike other  living beings we just do not have sex for the purpose of reproduction. 

However, to be in the best reproductive health, it is crucial that your sperm count should be normal.

Your semen contains billions of spermatozoa per milliliter and to reach the female egg and fertilize it sperms are not just have to be good in number but they must be equally active (motile).

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of men who suffer from low sperm count (medically known as oligospermia) across the world. However, as the luck would have it, low sperm count remedy is possible and there are many ways to achieve it.

Let us learn some basic low sperm count remedies:

Remedy #1: Drink Milk:Milk is not just good for your overall health and strength but it is also good for your semen production and sperm count.

Low sperm count remedy may include drinking a glass-full of milk once or twice a day on a regular basis. This not only improves the sperm production but also gets other health benefits.

Remedy #2: Intake of Herbs:Nature has provided us with some amazing plants and herbs that have medicinal properties. There are some herbs that can boost overall sexual function in men ranging from increasing blood flow for achieving rock hard erections to increasing sex drive to improving sperm count and increasing semen production.

Remedy #3: Eat Healthy: Low sperm count remedy also includes eating healthy. A man with low sperm count must consume healthy food. The food that is full of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, proteins) etc is preferred. Dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits may help increasing the sperms.

On the other hand, junk, canned, packed, spicy and oily foods and food that contains preservatives are to be avoided.

Remedy #4: Regular Physical Workout: Many health care providers believe that practicing some exercises (such as Yoga, Pranayama and meditation) may help in relieving the stress that could be one of the reasons for low sperm count. Exercises that involve men reproductive system and its organs (such as ballooning) may also help in stimulating the reproductive organs to produce more sperms and also to improve their quality.

Moreover, there are some highly potent semen enhancers that can help increase your sperm count as well as semen volume.

These semen enhancers are packed with potent herbs and other nutrients that boost semen production.

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