Male infertility is becoming more and more a bigger issue. There are studies which reveal that sperm count in men is on a declining trend and there are many factors that contribute to this decline.

One of such factors is drinking excessive alcohol.

Alcoholism in men causes increase in abnormal shaped sperms. Abnormal liver function and high estrogen levels may cause interference with sperm development. Like a toxin, alcohol may destroy the sperm-generating cells. In addition to this, alcohol abuse can also have adverse effects on the hormone levels in men. However, these effects may be reversed in most of the cases by abstinence. Sperm takes at least three months to develop. So, one should go for a semen analysis once again, after three to four months of abstinence, to get the current semen count and shape.

Alcoholism not only results in infertility but is also one of the causes of impotence in men. As such for the sake of healthy sexual function, you should quite drinking alcohol.

This will not only improve your sperm count but also increase your semen volume. Larger loads of semen can enhance sexual pleasure on ejaculation. No wonder, a vast majority of men yearn to produce and shoot bigger loads of semen.

Though certain foods such as celery, pumpkin seeds, etc., can help boost your semen volume, there are some natural semen enhancers that can be a big help. Such semen enhancers are getting more and more popular with men seeking semen enhancement.

One of the most popular, highly acclaimed and all natural semen enhancer is Volume Pills.

Volume Pills are clinically approved and made with finest herbal extracts and other nutrients that can help boost your semen volume by 500% within a few months. Volume Pills not only increase your semen volume and sperm count but also enhance blood flow to the penis and ensure rock hard erections and also increase your sex drive and staying power. Volume Pills do not have any side effects and are backed with an iron clad money back guarantee for 180 days.

It is a dietary supplement and the best effects are achievable when you have them for at least 3 months. The most popular packages include 6 months and 12 months packages.

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