Low sperm count can be an underlying reason behind infertility in men and it can make it impossible for you to impregnate your woman or have kids.

There are many products that people think can increase there sperm count. One of such products that most men think can prove effective include Omega 3 Fish Oil.

People have a lot of questions about omega 3 fish oil. I thought this was one of the most interesting that I had seen. Until I did some research, I believed that the answer to the question, “Does omega 3 fish oil increase semen count?” would automatically be “No”. But, what I found about the ongoing study of the relationship between increased consumption of omega 3 fish oils and semen count surprised me.

Most of such research is based upon birds. Why? It seems that several kinds of birds (including chickens) have a decrease in sperm production at a very young age.

Nutritionists have known for some time that the amount of omega 3 fatty acids in the chicken that we eat is much lower in poultry raised in an enclosed environment than it is in free range chickens. Keeping poultry inside protects them from predators and diseases carried by wild birds, but the diet of a caged bird is quite different from that of a free range bird. When raised outside, chickens eat worms, grasshoppers, and other bugs, as well as their feed. Indoors, they exist primarily on a diet of corn, a diet that lacks long chain or omega-3 fatty acids.

So, in order to increase the fertility of poultry, researchers have focused on the idea of changing their feed, to include omega 3 fish oils, the best known source of long chain fatty acids. The results were positive.

In poultry given the new feed, sperm counts and sperm motility increased. In study groups that were given the new feed along with vitamin E (also found in the better omega 3 fish oils) supplements, the amount of semen produced, the mobility of the semen and the fertility rate increased in the older birds that normally had lower sperm counts and were mostly infertile.

So, does omega 3 fish oil increase semen count and activity? Well, at least in chickens, it appears to. But, what does this mean to a man who has a low sperm count?

The most recent infertility studies have shown that sperm is particularly susceptible to oxidative stress. To counter the effects of oxidative stress throughout our bodies, we take antioxidants. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. While, vitamin E can be toxic at certain dosages, the amount that is found in omega 3 fish oil supplements is safe for human consumption. So, omega 3 fish oil might help increase semen count, but it might not. There are not enough studies to make a definitive answer.

Though you can find that Omega 3 fish oil can certainly increase your sperm count, a better option is to try semen enhancers.

These are herbal supplements which are formulated with age proven herbs, minerals and other nutrients that not only increase your sperm count and semen production but also ensure rock hard erections, improved sex drive and better ejaculatory control, thereby resulting in overall sexual enhancement.

This is why such semen enhancers are getting more and more popular these days with a large number of men opting for them.

Though there are a couple of semen enhancers, the best ones include Volume Pills.

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