There have been numerous studies to study the correlation between smoking and semen health across the world and it is now known that cigarettes can impair semen quality. Furthermore, it is also known that current smoking while maternal smoking can both affect your sperm or ejaculate.

Why and how cigarettes affects your ejaculate can be because of the following reasons;

  • an impact on levels of hormones such as testosterone which happens to be the most important hormone regulating your sexual health
  • a reduction in blood supply to the testicles or
  • due to a direct toxic effect upon sperm from the many chemicals in cigarettes, leading to sperm DNA damage

In a recent study conducted in Denmark, the relationship between cigarettes and seminal characteristics was examined and it was found that sperm concentration, volume of ejaculate, the total sperm count and the percentage of motile sperm all decreased as the number of cigarettes per day increased.

Though there could be a lot of other reasons behind low sperm count in men, cigarettes remain one of the major causes and the solution to improve your sperm count remains as easy as quitting cigarettes if you want to improve your fertility.

Apart from this , there are a few natural pills that can help restore your sperm count and improve consistency as well as volume of your ejaculate. These natural pills are packed with essential nutrients and minerals like l-arginine and zinc that play a crucial role in male sexual function and health.

L-arginine not only helps raise testosterone level naturally but also helps you achieve harder and firmer erections. It is one of the reasons why it is called Nature’s Viagra. It is used around the globe for treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Over and above, a large volume of ejaculate coupled with a strong PC muscle(which can be strengthened with Kegel exercises) can ensure that you shoot ejaculate with far greater force thereby making orgasms highly intense.

Volume Pills are a highly accalimed semen enhancing pills that can imporve your semen volume by as much as 500%. These pills are completely natural and comprise of herbal extracts that boost blood flow to the penis as well as improve sperm production.

These pills do not have any side effects and are approved and recommended by doctors. Moreover, they come with a complete 180 money back guarantee to eliminate any kind of risk.

Semenax is another popular brand of semen enhancers which is also quite popular.

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