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Infertility in men has been on a rise for the past century.  It is not always the woman who is infertile when a couple fails to conceive. In fact, it is believed that the problem is usually 50:50. In simple words, it is equally likely that the problem is male infertility as it is the woman’s infertility.

What are the common causes of male infertility?

Most people have heard that low sperm count is one of the common reasons for male infertility, but there are others; additionally, there are reasons why a man’s sperm count may be low. For example,  smoking causes much damage to the reproductive system in a man, and can interfere with his sperm production.

Trauma to the genital region or testicles, such as an injury or accident, can also interfere with his sperm productions.

More over, it is the health of the sperm that is also required to be taken into account. Malformed sperm can also be one of the main reasons behind infertility in men.In order to fertilize an egg, a sperm must be healthy, otherwise it will simply die before it even reaches the egg in the first place.Another common cause is low sperm motility.

This is also called ‘lazy’ or ’slow’ sperm. From a human point of view, the distance that sperm need to travel in order to fertilize a woman’s egg is not that much ‘ only a matter of inches, really ‘ but to the microscopic sperm, it may as well be miles.

Diet May be the Best Male Infertility Treatment

In a new study cited in OBGYN News, a group of Harvard researchers found that 79% of infertile couples had a lower-than-average intake of foods high in antioxidants – like fruits and vegetables. In one study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Medicine, doctors found that after one week of daily doses of 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, sperm counts rose by some 140%. So, a multivitamin or a vitamin C supplement may be the first male infertility treatment that you would want to try.

More recently, a study published in the Archives of Andrology showed the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium improved the ability of sperm to swim – a skill necessary to reach the egg.Exercise also improves muscle tone and good muscle tone helps every aspect of your system as well. Excessive body weight also puts undue pressure on the reproductive organs and doesn’t allow them to function optimally; obese persons often suffer from reproductive issues. Any male infertility treatment that you try at home should include regular physical activity and exercise.

Drugs and Smoking ‘ A Barrier to Any Effective Male Infertility Treatment

Some medications can interfere with a woman’s and a man’s reproductive systems. If you are taking any prescription drugs, be mindful of the side effects. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure. And this includes illegal drugs as well. Many narcotics interfere with the body’s fertility, as does tobacco. Excessive drinking (more than three alcoholic beverages per day) can too.If you or your partner smoke, it’s time to quit. Smokers have been shown to have 17% less sperm count on average, not to mention that it disrupts the health of remaining sperm. If you’re taking illicit drugs, it’s time to quit those as well. And if necessary, make note of your drinking levels and cut back if needed.

So there you have it ‘ some natural, healthy male infertility treatments that any man or couple can try at home, before undergoing invasive surgery or doling out thousands on tests and medicines.Blocked sperm ducts are another common cause of male infertility. When a man ejaculates, only about 1% of that fluid is actually sperm; if his sperm ducts are blocked, this means there will be even less sperm, if any at all.A high sperm count and healthy sperm themselves are of course crucial for a man to be able to impregnate a woman. The more healthy sperm he has, the greater the chance of at least one of those sperm reaching that egg.

Male infertility can be treated!

The good news is that many of these conditions can be reversed, or helped along by your doctor; even if it means a medical intervention, most men with low sperm counts or malformed sperm can still help to conceive a healthy child.There are some natural semen enhancing supplements that can also be a great help to boost fertility in men.Such supplements are loaded with some of the best semen enhancing herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can boost your semen production and also increase your sperm count.There are some that are backed with clinical approvals.Some of the top semen enhancers include Volume Pills

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