Male fertility is becoming a larger and larger issue and it is no secret now that a large of men are experiencing lower sperm counts than they did a few decades back. There are a whole lot of causes both environmental and biological but what is certain is that male fertility is on a decline.

This can be an alarming thing and there are a lot of studies being done to find out how to enhance fertility in men.

Although many studies have been done, there is yet another study that proves that Zinc can be helpful for the production of sperm. In this study, there were a group of men who were given both Folic Acid as well as Zinc Sulphate as part of a daily supplement routine.

Zinc and Sperm Count

This was done to find out what effect it had on spermatogenesis. What they found was that these two substances increased the sperm concentration in men who were considered to be sub-fertile. Studies are still being done to find out the exact mechanisms that are involved during the concentration of the sperm, but it is obvious that both the Zinc and the Folic Acid can certainly aid in the production of sperm, making it possible for men that are less fertile to conceive a child.

There are many benefits of zinc as far as male sexual health is concerned. It not only boost the production of sperm and increase sperm concentration and count but it also helps boost the production of the male hormone or Testosterone.

This is the hormone that regulates sex drive and sexual function in men and low levels of testosterone not only affects your sperm count but can also lead to reduced libido and erectile dysfunction.

This is why zinc is one of the most important ingredients in most of the male enhancement pills.

One such semen enhancer that is 100% natural and can help improve your sperm count is Volume Pills.

Volume Pills are purely natural that not only contain a whole lot of herbs across China and Asia but also contain Zinc and l-arginine. These two not only help increase your semen volume but also help you get over erectile problems by ensuring harder and firmer erections and improved sex drive. Volume Pills can increase semen volume by upto 5 times within a few months. Volume Pills do not have side effects and come with a complete money back guarantee for 180 days!

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