I recently read an article online which states that semen quality may determine a man’s life expectancy. Here is an extract from the same article:

“After studying 40,000 Danish men for up to 40 years, researchers say that healthier sperm may mean longer life.

It was found that men with higher sperm quality were at lower risk of a wide variety of diseases, but poor semen quality might be related to illness and death.

The research determined that as the concentration of sperm in the men’s semen increased, so did their lifespan. The men with 75 percent or more normal sperm had a 54 percent lower risk of dying than men who had less than 25 percent normal sperm, according to the Reuters Health report.

The researchers suggest that the men with low sperm quality be checked out for other illnesses, like testicular cancer.”No matter what you look at, the risk of dying is decreased if you have a good semen quality compared to low; the poorer the semen quality, the higher the risk of dying,” said Dr. Tina Kold Jensen of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.”

It is not wroong to conclude that you should try ot improve your semen health. A good diet, regular exercise, reduced stress levels, improved sleep quality as well as adequate sleep are some of the factors that can ensure better and improved quality of your semen as well as a higher sperm count.

Not only this, you should also avoid habits like excessive smoking, drinking alcohol etc., for the sake of your semen and overall sexual health.

As far as your semen health is concerned, there are some natural semen enhancers that can help boost your semen production and improve sperm count as well. Such semen enhancers are getting increasingly popular since they provide a complete solution to your sexual health. Not only do they increase semen volume but also increase blood flow to the penis and ensure rock hard erections, improved sex drive and power to last longer in bed.

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