Increase Sperm Count – How To Increase Your Semen Volume

Suffering from low sperm count? Or you know someone who needs help boosting his sperm; after reading this article you will definitely say “eureka!”

Low sperm count can be increased by these three methods:

1. Orthodox Medicines

Many prescribed orthodox drugs known as “semen enhancement pills” have been known to produce excellent results in increasing sperm count. How do these drugs or pills work? These pills boost sperm count by providing the user with the following:

• Provide the body with zinc supplements – zinc helps increase sperm count and keeps the semen very healthy.

• Provide the body with vitamin C – Vitamin C is very good for boosting sperm count, reducing sperm motility,
improve sperm quality, protects the sperm DNA from damages and it is also a good anti-oxidant.
• Increases sexual desire (libido)

• Increases sexual stamina

• Improves male fertility in general

Some of these pills are made using local herbs imported from various countries but this depends on the brand of semen enhancement pills you have chosen to use or which were prescribed by your physician.

2. Natural Methods

If you are not the pill popping type but prefer to increase your sperm count the natural way. Here are some tips to help you increase sperm count:

a. Avoid wearing tight underpants, wear (loose) boxer shorts instead of wearing scrotum crushing underpants.

b. Eat foods rich in rich in vitamins, zinc and proteins. Eat lots of water-soluble fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Stay away from bitter, spicy and acidic foods.

c. Are addicted to caffeine? Try as much as possible to reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine is mostly found in coffee and soft drinks but research have shown that caffeine affects sperm count over a long period.

d. Give up bad habits such as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.

e. Drink a lot of water

f. Engage in regular exercises but do not use the exercise bike! You should use the thread-mill instead.

g. Do not use so-called recreational drugs because they actually do more harm than good

h. Endeavour to stay away from anything that will leave you stressed up. Agreed, what is life without a little stress? But try as much as possible to reduce stress. You can learn stress reducing techniques, yoga and meditation is a good way to reduce stress and it leaves you with a healthy mind and body.

i. Avoid anything that would increase the temperature of the testicles, i.e. saunas, hot tubs, hot water baths.
j. You can’t stop masturbating? Then wait for 3 days before ejaculating again because frequent ejaculation (through masturbation) leads to low sperm count.

3. Herbal Method

Herbs have been used in ancient times to increase sperm count and most modern people still prefer to use herbs in its raw form in order to increase sperm count. But with modern technology, herbalists have been able to extract the healing juices from very potent medicinal herbs, trees, plants and “weeds” and present them in attractive (modern) packaging.

There are some natural semen enhancers that are formulated with herbs and other nutrients that not only increase semen production but also help you get hard and firm erections.

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