There are a couple of factors that can affect fertility in both men and women and can lead to problems in conceiving. One of such causes can be excessive intake of alcohol.

It is not just a problem for women who are heavy drinkers but also for those, who are just moderate drinkers. It is still difficult to establish any safe level of maternal drinking.

Even very low levels of alcohol consumption can make alcoholic mothers a curse for their children, who may be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Its characteristics are deficient growth, mental retardation, a typical heart shaped facial appearance and behavioral changes in the newborn baby of an alcoholic mother. In addition to this, there are 30 to 40 percent chances of the birth of a baby of alcoholic mothers with brain anomalies or congenial heart defects. It happens due to alcohol consumption, during or before pregnancy by the mother of these babies. Leaving genetic causes, alcohol consumption has been noticed as one of the most important causes that can lead to mental abnormality in babies.

Effects of Alcohol on Male Fertility

Alcoholism can greatly affect fertility in men by interfering with the sperm health. It is largely observed that men who dribk excessively have abnormal shaped sperm which creates problems while they attempt to make thier women pregnant.

Abnormal liver function and high estrogen levels may cause interference with sperm development. Like a toxin, alcohol may destroy the sperm-generating cells. In addition to this, alcohol abuse can also have adverse effects on the hormone levels in men. However, these effects may be reversed in most of the cases by abstinence. Sperm takes at least three months to develop. So, one should go for a semen analysis once again, after three to four months of abstinence, to get the current semen count and shape.

Though abstaining form drinking alcohol can be a big help, what can help boost male fertility is natural semen enhancers.

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