A normal and healthy sperm count is extremely important for your fertility. There are a large number of cases where couples fail to have kids and contrary to the popular opinion, it is not always the woman that has to be blamed. If your sperm count is below normal or your sperm is abnormal, you might find it difficult to make your woman pregnant.

How to increase sperm count in males has been extensively researched upon but there are some simple and easy ways that can help enhance your sperm count and improve fertility.

Here are some simple steps that can ensure an increased sperm count:

1.Diet – Vitamins and minerals: The foods you eat are stopping you from increasing your low semen. Your diet should include high protein, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid any fatty foods, bitter foods, acidic foods and even spicy foods. Not only will you feel healthier, but your low semen count will begin to build up. Also, if you are busy and don’t eat on time, taking extra vitamins supplement will improve your health.

Your food must contain adequate amounts of zinc and other minerals such as selenium. Moreover, Vitamins C, E and B12 are also highly necessary. Check out more on Foods to Increase Sperm Count

2. Cut back on bad habits: Reduce your intake of alcohol and cut back on smoking. Alcohol can impact on your liver function which can then reduce your ability to produce high amount of semen. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana also negatively affects how much you produce. Quit smoking both cigarettes and marijuana and you’ll not only notice an improvement in semen production but you’ll be healthier too.

3. Exercise: Even a simple 30-minute stroll around the block is going to help increase sperm count naturally. Exercise can help to improve blood circulation through your body and help improve your fitness at the same time as promoting extra semen production. Avoid cycling it will have a negative effect.

4. Lose Excess Weight and Increase Sperm on Your Way Down: A positive side-effect of acting on steps 1, 2 and 3 is that by eating more healthy foods, doing some light exercise and cutting back on alcohol can mean you’ll begin to lose weight. Dropping a few extra pounds could really improve your results quickly.

5. Loose Clothing: Wearing tight underwear (boxer briefs) means you’re forcing your testicles to rest up against the heat of your body, which could reduce how much semen you create. Tight jeans can also have the same effect. Wear loose boxer shorts, preferably cotton. Loose-fitting trousers or jeans will also help increase your results.

6. Excess Heat: Ideally, you need to keep your testicles below body-temperature for best effects. This is why they’re hanging in the position they are! Avoid soaking in hot baths or sitting in saunas or you’ll increase your body temperature. Stay cool and you’ll improve your semen mobility.

7. Natural Supplements: There are some excellent natural supplements and vitamins available that can raise your production without any side effects at all. Make sure you choose supplements that are all-natural and made from herbal products.

The top semen enhancer that can help boost your semen output by as much as 500% within a few months is Volume Pills.

Volume Pills are the most popular and highly effective semen enhancer that is 100% natural and free form all kinds of side effects. They are clinically approved and recommended by doctors. Volume Pills are a unique blend of herbs and other nutrients such as zinc and l-arginine that not only boosts semen production, improve sperm count but also ensure an improved sex drive and rock hard erections.

Volume Pills come with a complete money back guarantee and the best effects are achievable when you have it for a few months. Men who have taken this all natural supplement have been able to increase their semen production by 500% over a few months.

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