Smoking cigarettes is the root cause of many health problems and some of them can even prove fatal. It can also affect your sexual health negatively by lowering your sperm count and semen production.

There are many toxins in cigarettes and marijuana and the damage they can inflict can last a lifetime.

Cigarettes can damage the genetic material or DNA and lower the sperm count. This can make you infertile. But this is not all. Smoking can also restrict blood flow to the penis and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Cigarettes contain toxins and harmful materials like tar, cyanide, ammonia and many other things that are not just bad for you internal system but also for your sexual health.

As far as your sexual health is concerned, smoking can affect your sex drive or libido, sperm count, semen volume, fertility and the ability to achieve hard and firm erections.

Many studies have found an increased incidence of infertility, as well as decreased sperm production in male smokers. Another thing that studies have found is an increased percentage of abnormal sperm and sperm with poor motility (swimming motions, crooked tails, etc.).

Such defects effectively lower male fertility without lowering sperm count, which is another unfortunate side effect of smoking.

Furthermore, smoking is also likely to make your semen taste bitter and this can lead to hurt feelings in the bedroom.

Besides reducing male fertility, smoking can ruin sex drives and overall virility. There is a link that has been found between smoking and impotence, for example. Many heavy smokers complain about weak erections and erectile difficulties. Another aspect of smoking before having sex is turning your partner off if they are a non-smoker. During sex, most women don’t want to smell cigarettes on your breath, so make sure you don’t smell like smoke just before you some to bed.

As you can probably tell, smoking is detrimental to your sperm production as well as your virility. From the increased chance of infertility to the higher rate of impotence, cigarettes and marijuana are both harmful to your sex life. Quitting smoking is not easy to do, but something that needs to be considered if you plan on having a healthy life and healthy family.

How to Increase Semen Production

I have tried to list a lot ways to enhance semen volume in this blog. There are foods that can help as well as semen enhancers that are formulated with herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that can boost not just your semen production but also your sperm count and ensure rock hard erections.

These natural semen enhancers can make you achieve intense orgasms and enjoy most satisfying sex ever.

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Volume Pills can make your semen production increase up to 500% if you have them for a few months.

The biggest plus point of Volume Pills is that they do not have any side effects. Since they are a dietary supplements, you can get best effect when you have them for a few months and this is why the most recommended as well as popular package is the 12 months package.

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