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Though people in the past believed that infertility was a condition associated with women, research now indicates that infertility can be a male problem as well.

In fact, recorded cases of infertility show that factors of infertility are equally divided among female and male factors.

The problem in men arises due to unhealthy sperm or due to low sperm count.

Depending on the problems that the patient presents, treatments will vary largely from medications to extensive case analysis that may incur surgeries and operations on the affected areas.

Say for example erectile dysfunction, the only obvious clinical representation for which one may base the diagnosis of the condition. (Note: Infertility is not a physical condition and most symptoms are only shade of a far greater problem that resides inside the male’s body.).

Erectile dysfunction can be readily treated with medications. But with more advanced signs of infertility in man, the ultimate treatment may lead both the patient and the physician to using assisted reproduction technologies which do not only address male factors causing infertility but may also help treat female infertility.

Normally, in several types of assisted reproduction technologies, male patients are asked to produce semen from which the sperm cells are gathered. There are many factors that will lead the techniques to either its success or its failure. One of which is the semen quality.

If the semen quality is workable for in-vitro fertilization (a form of assisted reproduction technology), it can fertilize along with female egg cells. This would commence all other methods that will follow after the semen and egg retrieval.

However, if the semen has overly low quality, it would be possible that the patients will be asked if they would want to adopt sperms from donors. If not, the procedure won’t continue at all. If they would agree then the cycle will be limited to the egg cell from the partner and sperm cells from another person.

If the sprem count is low, then there are some natural or herbal supplements that can be a big help.

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