The health of your sperm is crucial since if your sperm is lacking somehow, it is going to affect your fertility. There are a couple of extrenal factors that affect semen production and sperm health. 

Many a men feel that when they have problems having babies, that it is more of a  woman’sproblem, but the fact is that problem might be with you as well. If a couple is planning to have kids, both the partners have to be in good sexual health.

Here are a few tips to enhance male fertility:

  1. Avoid Alcohol and illicit drugs: Though alcohol many make you feel less inhibited, it can also lead to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction or with ejaculation.
  2. Avoid Smoking: There is enough evidence and scientific proof to suggest that smoking affects sperm and can even damage the DNA. It is therfore, highly advised to quit smoking if you are having problems having a kid.
  3. Eating healthy and exercising are important tips for improving male fertility. Your diet should be healthy and contain some of the vitamins you need daily to keep your sperm healthy. Exercise is important to keep the blood circulating and relieving any of the daily stress factors that can cause male impotency. Keeping the sperm healthy with the use of supplements is important. The vitamins that you need for keeping the sperm healthy and strong include zinc, ginseng and omega fatty acids to name a few. It is important that these supplements are taken daily

There are acouple of natural supplements that can enhance your semen production and enhance male fertility.


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You must remember that you can not take a supplement one day and expect it to work right away. You need to take them for a few weeks regulalry to see the actual effects.

Volume Pills is one the most widely acclaimed semen enhancer which is 100% natural. It is the only semen enhancer that is clinically testes and approved by doctors. It is packed with essential nutrients and minerals like l-arginine and zin. L-arginine not only helps increase semen production but also helps you achieve rock hard and longer lasting erections which is why it is known as the Nature’s Viagra.

Though Semenax is also quite popular, Volume Pills is highly recommended to enhance male fertility.

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